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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

In 2012, the Czech Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine put forward a bid for Prague as the venue for the 17th WFSA World Congress of Anaesthesiologists 2020. I am proud to announce that during WCA 2012 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Venue Committee chose Prague, Czech Republic, as the site for WCA 2020. Their decision was officially announced during the Closing Ceremony. The joy and jubilation of our delegation after the announcement shall remain for years to come.

Prague is the seat of Charles University, the oldest university in Central and Eastern Europe. Founded in 1348 the university has become the centre of education and science for the whole region, where the discipline of anaesthesiology also has a long tradition. It should be noted that the first general anaesthesia in Prague was administered as early as February 7, 1847 and the First Department of Anaesthesia was set up in the Central Military Hospital in 1948. The city has extensive experience in hosting congress events. It has a large exhibition centre, around 70,000 hotel beds and easy flight connections to all main airports worldwide. Also, several highways and train lines conveniently connect Prague to its neighbouring countries.

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has taken its toll. Severe public health care measures were taken. Travel became restricted. Boundaries – in this part of Europe liberally open – closed again. Health care workers became seriously engaged elsewhere. It became necessary to postpone the World Congress of Anaesthesiologists till the next year.

I have the privilege to cordially invite you to the 17th WFSA World Congress of Anaesthesiologists in Prague in 2021 not only for an exchange of scientific information, education, and meeting friends, but also to experience the hospitality our country has to offer. I am convinced that your trip to Prague will be the experience of a lifetime.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Prague on September 1 – 5 2021. Please, do come. We shall welcome you wholeheartedly.

Prof. Karel Cvachovec
President of the Czech Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine
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O2 Universum
Českomoravská, 190 00 Prague 9 - Vysočany, Czech Republic
Dear colleagues and friends,

The COVID-19 pandemic is still affecting the world and most of our future plans. We were relie-ved when the O2-arena was available for us on almost exactly the same dates in 2021 as the original 2020 congress and we announced new dates accordingly. At the time, we did not take into account that religious holidays do not always happen on the same dates from one year to the next. A global organisation can never avoid all holidays for all countries and all religions, but we try to avoid the most important for the world’s major religions, as we did when setting the 2020 dates. We also take other considerations into account – such as seasonal holidays and potential clashes with other major congresses.

Due to the urgency of the decision, we missed one of these holidays. On reflection, and after carefully looking at the options available to us, we have decided to bring the dates forward by a few days so that the WCA will now take place from September 1st – 5th, 2021. We hope that this change will not cause you any more inconvenience than the one year postponement has already.

We look forward to seeing you in Prague in early September 2021.

Dr. Jannicke Mellin-Olsen
President of the WFSA

Prof. MUDr. Karel Cvachovec, CSc., MBA
President of the Organising Committee of the WCA 2020
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